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The International Association for Halitosis Research (IAFHR) was officially formed on June 5 at a meeting of leading halitosis researchers during the EuroPerio8 congress in London.

“Halitosis research has a huge impact,” said the President of this group, Dutch specialist Edwin Winkel, who chairs the EFP’s external affairs committee. “Halitosis has always been a problem but we are responding to a huge increase in research activity and these findings translate into guidelines for dental professionals and medical practitioners. Not only do we need to create awareness among the public but also enhance the information and treatment advice for professionals,” continued Dr. Winkel.

The IAFHR aims to promote research in all aspects of halitosis and related issues and to spread and
publicise research. The IAFHR board has Marc Quirynen as its president-elect, and Silvia Roldán as its general secretary. To receive information about the IAOHR, fill in the form on this page.

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